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A good name, like good will, is got by many actions and lost by one.
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Ancient Egyptian names are taken from several different things. Station, occupation, the gods you may worship or the gods and goddesses that took interest in the person. In Predator Turned Prey, or rather, in Sirap, the gods and goddesses who took interest in you decided your name. The way to create a name is to select a proper meaning or meanings and combine them into a word. Or combine them with a pre-existing name to create a name with titles. To locate one of Hunter's names, please press CTRL F and enter the name, then hit enter!

Sample of some Ancient Egyptian Names.




The Moon is Born


Great is the form of Re


Great is the soul of Re


She Lives In Amun


She lives for Meryre


The soul of Re, Beloved of the gods


Enduring like Re


Born of Djehuti




Resplendent Sky


Isis is Beautiful


Powerful is the Soul of Re


Everlasting are the Manifestations of Re




Jovial Lady


Eternal is the Justice of Re


Beautiful is the Soul of Re




Sweet One of Mut




Beautiful and Strong Champion


Lord of Manifestations is Re


Lord of the Two Lands is Re


The Orient is Beautiful


Beautiful is the soul of Re


She who is excellent


Belonging to the justice of Re


The Star that appears in the city


Wise One of Bastet


Ptah is content


Re has fashioned him


Daughter of Sobek


Powerful in Heart




Set is his strength


Set - Hope of all Hearts


He who pacifies the Two Lands


Daughter of Re, Beloved of Amun


Best of Souls


Strong in Life


Powerful One


Female Egyptian Names

AIN:  priceless

AKILA:  intelligent

AMUNET:  myth name (goddess of mystery)

ANAT:  myth name (a wife of Seth)

ANIPPE:  daughter of the Nile

ASTARTE:  myth name (a wife of Seth)

AUSET:  myth name (another name for Isis)

AZIZA:  precious

BAHITI:  fortune

BAST:  myth name (personification of the heat of the sun)

BASTET:  myth name (cat)

BENNU:  eagle

CHIONE:  myth name (daughter of the Nile)

CLEOPATRA:  name of a queen

DENDERA:  from Dendera

DALILA:  gentle

ECHIDNA:  myth name (a monster)

EDJO:  myth name (another form of Uadjit)

ESHE:  life

FEMI:  love

FUKAYNA:  intelligent

HABIBAH:  loved

HAFSAH:  married to the prophet

HALIMA:  gentle

HAQIKAH:  honest

HASINA:  good

HATHOR, HATHOR-SAKMET:  myth name (goddess of destruction)

HATSHEPSUT:  name of a queen

HEHET:  myth name (goddess of the immeasurable)

HEQET:  myth name (a frog-headed goddess)

IFE:  love

ISIS:  myth name (goddess of magic)

JAMILA:  beauty

JENDAYI:  thankful

KAKRA:  a twin

KAMILAH:  perfection

KANIKA:  black

KEKET:  myth name (goddess of darkness)

KESI:  born of a troubled father

KHEPRI:  morning sun

KISSA:  sister of twins

LAPIS:  named for the lapis stone

LAYLA:  born at night

LOTUS:  lotus flower

MAAT:  myth name (goddess of order and justice)

MAFUANE:  soil

MAIBE:  grave

MANDISA:  sweet

MASIKA:  born during rain

MEHT-URT:  represented by a cow

MEMPHIS:  myth name

MERT, MERT-SEKERT:  lover of silence

MESI:  water

MESKHENET:  destiny

MONIFA:  lucky

MOSI:  born first

MOSWEN:  white

MUKAMUTARA:  daughter of Mutara

MUKANTAGARA:  born during war

MUKARRAMMA:  revered

MUMINAH:  pious

MUT:  myth name (mother)

NAUNET:  myth name (goddess of the ocean)

NEBT-HET, NEPHTHYS:  myth name (nature goddess)

NEFERTARI:  name of a queen

NABIRYE:  mother of twins

NAEEMAH:  benevolent

NAILAH:  successful

NATHIFA:  pure

NEEMA:  born to wealthy parents

NEFERTITI:  name of a queen

NEKHBET:  myth name (vulture-goddess)

NEPHTHYS:  myth name (daughter of Nut and Geb)

NET, NEITH:  the divine mother

NILE:  from the Nile

NIT:  myth name

NIUT:  myth name (goddess of nothingness)

NOURBESE:  wonderful

NUBIA:  from Nubia

NURU:  born during the day

NUT:  myth name (sky goddess)

ODE:  from the road

OLABISI:  brings joy

OLUFEMI:  beloved of the gods

OMOROSE:  beautiful

ONI:  wanted

OSEYE:  happy

PANYA:  mouse

PILI:  born second

QUIBILAH:  peaceful

RABIAH:  born during the spring

RAMLA:  prophetess

RASHIDA:  righteous

RAZIYA:  agreeable

REHEMA:  compassionate

RENENET:  myth name (goddess of fortune)

SABAH:  born in the morning

SAFIYA:  pure

SAGIRA:  little one

SAKHMET:  myth name (goddess worshiped in Memphis, lioness)

SALAMA:  peaceful

SALIHAH:  agreeable

SANURA:  kitten

SECHET:  myth name

SEKHET:  wife of Ptah

SELMA:  secure

SERQ, SELK:  myth name (another form of Isis)

SHANI:  wonderful

SHARIFA:  respected

SHUKURA:  grateful

SITI:  lady

SUBIRA:  patient

SUMA:  ask

TABIA:  talented

TAHIRAH:  pristine

TALE:  green

TALIBAH:  seeks knowledge

TAURET:  myth name (goddess of pregnant women)

TEFNUT:  myth name (atmospheric moisture)

THEMA:  queen

THEORIS:  great

THERMUTHIS:  myth name (another form of Renenet)

UADJIT:  myth name (cobra-goddess)

UATCHIT:  myth name (another form of Hathor)

UMAYMA:  little mother

UMM:  mother

URBI:  princess

WALIDAH:  newly born

YAMINAH:  meaning unknown

ZAHRA:  flower


ZESIRO:  a twin


Male Egyptian Names

ABASI:  stern

ABAYOMI:  brings joy

ABUBAKAR:  noble

ADEBEN:  born twelfth

ADIO:  righteous

ADOFO:  fighter

ADOM:  receives help from the gods

AGYMAH:  meaning unknown

AKHENATEN:  devoted to Aten

AKIIKI:  friendly

AKIL:  intelligent

AKINS:  brave

AMEN, AMUN, AMMON:  myth name (god of a united Egypt)

AMENHOTEP:  name of a pharaoh

AMENOPHIS:  name of a pharaoh

AMEN-RA:  myth name (personification of the power of the universe)

AMSU, AMSI:  myth name (personification of reproduction)

AMUN:  myth name (god of mystery)

AN-HER, ANHUR:  myth name

ANUBIS, ANPU:  myth name (god of the dead)

ANUM:  born fifth

ANZETY:  myth name (god of Busiris)

APIS:  myth name (dead bull thought to be Osiris)

APOPHIS:  meaning unknown

ASIM:  protector

ASWAD:  black

ATA:  twin

ATEMU:  myth name (great god of Annu)

ATEN:  myth name (sun-disk)

ATSU:  twin

ATUM:  whole

AUSAR:  myth name (another name for Osiris)

AZIBO:  earth

AZIZI:  precious

BAAL:  meaning unknown

BABAFEMI:  loved by his father

BADRU:  born during the full moon

BAKARI:  noble oath

BANKOLE:  meaning unknown

BARUTI:  teacher

BEB, BEBTI, BABU, BABA:  myth name (Osiris's firstborn)

BEHDETI:  myth name

BES:  myth name (dwarf god, brings joy)

BOMANI:  warrior


CHATHA:  ends

CHATULUKA:  departs

CHENZIRA:  born on a journey

CHEOPS:  name of a pharaoh

CHIBALE:  kinsman

CHIGARU:  hound

CHIKE:  power of God

CHISISI:  secret

CHUMA:  wealthy

DAKARAI:  happy

DARIUS:  name of a pharaoh

DARWISHI:  saint

DJOSER:  name of a pharaoh

DONKOR:  humble

EBO:  born on Tuesday

EDFU:  from Edfu

FADIL:  generous

FAKI:  meaning unknown

FENUKU:  born late

FENYANG:  conquers

FUNSANI:  a request

GAHIJI:  hunter

GARAI:  settled

GEB:  myth name (earth-god)

GYASI:  wonderful

HAJI:  born during the pilgrimage

HAKIZIMANA:  God saves

HAMADI:  praised

HANBAL:  pristine

HANIF:  believes

HAPI:  a god of the Nile

HAPU:  name of a pharaoh

HARAKHTY:  myth name (disguise of Horus)

HASANI, HUSANI:  handsome

HEH:  myth name (god of the immeasurable)

HERU:  myth name (sun-god)

HONDO:  war

HOREMHEB:  name of a pharaoh

HORUS:  myth name (god of the sky)

HU:  myth name (a nature god)

IDOGBE:  brother of twins

INI-HERIT:  he who brings back the distant one

ISHAQ:  laughs

ISSA:  God saves

JABARI:  brave

JAFARI:  creek

JAHI:  dignified

JIBADE:  related to royalty

JUMOKE:  loved by all

KAFELE:  would die for

KAMUZU:  medical

KAPHIRI:  hill

KASIYA:  departs

KAZEMDE:  ambassador

KEK:  myth name (god of darkness)

KHAFRA:  name of a pharaoh

KHALDUN, KHALID:  immortal

KHALFANI:  shall rule

KHENTIMENTIU:  myth name (god of the dead's destiny)

KHEPRI:  meaning unknown

KHNEMU:  to model

KHNUM:  myth name (reborn sun)

KHONS:  myth name (god of the moon)

KHUFU:  name of a pharaoh

KNEPH:  meaning unknown

KONTAR:  only son

KOSEY:  lion

LATEEF:  gentle

LISIMBA:  lion

LUKMAN:  a prophet

LUZIGE:  locust

MADU:  of the people

MAKALANI:  clerk

MANU:  born second

MASKINI:  poor

MASUD:  lucky


MBIZI:  water

MEMPHIS:  from Memphis

MENES:  name of a king

MENKAURA:  name of a pharaoh

MENSAH:  born third

MIN:  myth name (god of fertility)

MINKAH:  justice

MONTH:  myth name (god of Thebes)

MOSEGI:  tailor

MOSI:  born first

MOSWEN:  light skin

MSAMAKI:  fish

MSRAH:  born sixth

MUDADA:  provider


MUSA:  of the water

MUSLIM:  believer

NAEEM:  benevolent

NAJJA:  meaning unknown

NARMER:  name of a king

NASSOR:  victor

NEB-ER-TCHER:  myth name (god of the universe)

NEFERTUM:  myth name (worshiped in Memphis)

NEPHTHYS:  myth name

NEXEU:  meaning unknown

NGOZI:  blessed

NIU:  myth name (god of nothingness)

NIZAM:  disciplined

NKOSI:  rules

NKRUMAH:  born ninth

NKUKU:  rooster

NUN:  myth name (god of the ocean)

NURU:  born during the day

OBA:  king

ODION:  born of twins

OKPARA:  firstborn

OMARI:  high born

ONURIS:  brings back the distant one

OSAHAR:  God hears me

OSAZE:  loved by God

OSIRIS, UN-NEFER:  myth name (god of the dead)

OTTAH:  born third

OUBASTET, BASTET:  myth name (cat)

PAKI:  witness

PETIRI:  meaning unknown

PILI:  born second

PSAMTIC:  name of a pharaoh

PSUSENNES:  name of a pharaoh

PTAH:  myth name (god worshiped in Memphis)

PTOLEMY:  name of a pharaoh

QEB:  father of the earth

QUAASHIE:  born on Sunday

RA:  the sun

RAMSES:  name of a pharaoh

RASHIDI:  wise

REmidday sun

RE-HARAKHTY:  myth name (Horus of the horizon)

RESHEF:  myth name

RUNIHURA:  destroyer

SAA:  myth name (a nature god)

SABOLA:  pepper

SADIKI:  faithful

SALIH:  upright

SEB:  myth name (god of the earth)

SEBAK:  myth name (companion of Set)

SEFU:  sword

SEKANI:  laughs

SHAKIR:  grateful

SENUSNET:  name of a pharaoh

SEPT:  meaning unknown

SERAPIS:  myth name (another name for Apis)

SET, SUTEKH:  myth name (son of Seb and Nut)

SETH:  myth name (murdered Osiris)

SETHOS:  name of a prince

SHABAKA:  name of a king

SHU:  myth name (air)

SIFIYE:  meaning unknown

SNEFERU:  name of a pharaoh

SOBK:  myth name (worshiped in Faiyum)

SUDI:  lucky

TABARI:  meaning unknown

TARIK:  name of a warrior

TAU:  lion

TEHUTI:  myth name (god of earth, sky, air and sea)

TEREMUN:  loved by his father

THABIT:  strong

THOTH, ASTENNU:  myth name (god of the moon)

THUTMOSE:  name of a pharaoh

TOR:  king

TSEKANI:  close

TUM:  myth name (great god of Annu)

TUMAINI:  hope

TUTANKHAMUN:  name of a pharaoh

TYPHON:  meaning unknown

UBAID:  faithful

UFA:  flour

UMI:  life

UNIKA:  meaning unknown

UR, UR-ATUM:  myth name (great)

USI:  smoke

UTHMAN:  a friend of Muhammad

WAMUKOTA:  left-handed

YAFEU:  bold

YAHYA:  given by God

YAZID:  meaning unknown

ZAHUR:  flower

ZAID, ZIYAD:  He shall add

ZUBERI:  strong

ZUKA:  meaning unknown


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